Stella's Perfectly Seasoned Turkey

Stella's Perfectly Seasoned Turkey

Serving Size: 6-12


1 15-20 lb. Turkey

4-6 oz. Butter

4-6 oz. Mayonaise

2-5 Tbsp Lemon Garlic Sea Salt

1-2 Sprigs Rosemary

1-2 Sprigs Thyme

1-2 Sprigs Sage

1 Onion

1 lemon (sliced)


1. Wash and pat dry turkey.

2. Remove neck and giblets from cavity of turkey (can use for gravy if desired)

3. Fill cavity with herbs, lemon slices and onion cut in half.

4. Mix butter with Lemon Garlic Sea Salt and spread liberally over turkey (for smaller turkeys use smaller amounts listed above and visa versa).

5. Rub Mayonaise over butter mixture to seal. This will add a wonderful crispy skin to your turkey and seal in the flavors.

6. Roast to your specifications for size.