About Us

Stella Rosa Carassali and Gilda Stella Barberis never knew each other. They lived different lives in different kitchens, but ultimately have come together as legacies for what is Stella’s Table.   

Born in Northern Italy, they married and sought new lives in a new world when they journeyed to America and then to California. They brought their Italian heritage and culinary traditions to the new world, and filled their tables with delicacies and family. Those roots grew and from them came Natale, Amy and Emily, the creators of Stella’s Table.

Born into Italian families and inspired by their Nonne (grandmother and great grandmother), Natale, Amy and Emily strive to bring you those familiar and delicious traditions while infusing their American influences into their creations. What began at Stellas’ table many, many years ago, is now available at yours.


Both Stella Rosa Carassali and Gilda Stella Barberis stood as obvious symbols for our adventure into our boutique of foods that stemmed from our family traditions. For both women, the traditions and memories, the laughter and tears, all began and ended at the table. No matter the celebration, they gathered around the table with family and friends and partook in delicious food, drank good wine and made an everlasting impact on their friends and family.  


We create Italian-inspired food made with quality ingredients that feed the soul as well as the body.  

We strive to offer products that encourage people to gather at a beautiful table to savor rare moments of connection to family and friends.  

We believe that everyone can inspire traditions with simple homemade or handcrafted products that lead to long-lasting memories.  

We will carry this tradition forward into our generation and to share it with those around us.

Stella’s Table always welcomes you to pull up a chair.




Emily is one of Gilda Stella Barberis' great grandchildren. Emily has enhanced her love of cooking over the years through her great grandmother, grandmother, and mother’s traditions and growing up on a working ranch where she developed her love of the garden. She has continued her traditions in the kitchen with her grandmother’s ravioli, jams and jellies and spaghetti sauces simmering. Emily’s background in Horticulture has given her a beautiful eye and is the genius behind Stella’s Table beautiful gift sets. Emily lives in Petaluma with her husband Fred, her three children Abby, Rylie and Cole, and her dog Posey as well as with her beautiful lemon tree that has inspired many recipes.


Amy is one of Stella Rosa Carassali’s many grandchildren. Amy has cultivated her passion for food over the years through her experiences in her grandmother and mother’s kitchens as well as studying and living in Italy over the course of her life as a young child and then later as a young adult and adult. She never passed up an opportunity to learn a new specialty and has translated that into a passion for cooking and creating today. She lives in Petaluma with her husband Jim, her three children Stella, Joe and Emma, her cat Smudge, her dog Maisy, her daughter Stella’s Bearded Dragon Flame and her seasonal garden that inspires her daily.


Natale is the first of Stella Rosa Carassali’s grandchildren. Natale has refined her passion for handcrafted goods over the years through her experiences with her grandmother and mother. From an early age, she helped with the sewing of quilts and began an exploration into sewing, knitting and stitching. Her numerous adventures to Italy and visiting her relatives led to a keen eye for beautifully handcrafted items with a nudge to tradition and simplicity and a flair to beauty. Natale lives in Petaluma on the family property with her dog Koa, her cat Blue and the stupendous garden that Stella Rosa Carassali began. Natale is a wonderful Aunt to ten nieces and nephews.