Frothy Crane Cocktail

Frothy Crane Cocktail

The magic of a blended family... Stella's Table & Crane Melon Barn come together to create a delicious seasonal cocktail. Get your Crane Melon, Citrus Sea Salt and Lemon Honey Jelly at Crane Melon Barn. @CraneMelonBarn 

Frothy Crane Cocktail

Serving Size: 3-4 Drinks


16 oz. Crane Melon (our choice for melon is the Crane Melon from Crane Melon Barn on Petaluma Hill Road)

2 Tsps Citrus Sea Salt

4-6 oz. Vodka

2 Cups Ice

2 Tbsp Lemon Honey Jelly


1. Add all ingredients into blender and mix until frothy.

2. Garnish with a melon ball in Citrus Salt and desired food safe greenery.



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