La Prima Baked Brie

La Prima Baked Brie

La Prima Baked Brie

Serves 6-10


13 oz. wheel of Brie cheese

1 jar Stella's Table Apricot Peach Spice Jam

1 box of your favorite crackers or baguette


1. Slice the Brie lengthwise through the middle to create two thin wheels.

2. Place the bottom half of the wheel on the bottom of a pie plate with crust side down.

3. Pour half of the jar of jam on the cheese.

4. Put the top half of the wheel on top with crust side up.

5. Pour the remainder of the jam on top and spread to the edges.

6. In a 350 degree oven, bake for 20-25 minutes until soft and pouring out the edges.

Serve with crackers or baguette hot out of the oven and enjoy.


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