Chicken with Savory Summer Tapenade

Chicken with Savory Summer Tapenade

Chicken Cutlets with Savory Summer Tapenade

Serves 2-4

For the Chicken Cutlets


2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts butterflied and then split the butterfuly.
2 eggs whisked with 1/8 cup water
3/4 cup of plain bread crumbs
1 Tbsp Lemon Garlic Sea Salt plus additional to sprinkle on chicken breasts prior to breading.
2 tsps Lemon Garlic Sea Salt
½ cup flour
2 cups vegetable oil heated to 375 degrees – no higher.
½ tsp Essential pepper
½ Tbsp Corn Starch


  1. Sprinkle Lemon Garlic Sea Salt on chicken.
  2. Mix flour and corn starch and in a bowl. Set aside.
  3. Mix bread crumbs and Lemon Garlic Sea Salt in a bowl. Set aside.
  4. Whisk eggs with water and pepper in a bowl. Set aside.
  5. Dredge chicken in flour mixture, then egg mixture and finish with bread crumb mixture. Set aside making sure not to stack on each other.
  6. Heat oil in pan to about 375 degrees, not hotter.
  7. Once oil is heated, add breasts to pan and cook until golden brown, then turn and cook the other side. Internal temperature should be about 160 degrees. Do not crowd the breasts. Cook in two batches if necessary.

NOTE: Once the chicken goes into the pan, the oil will decrease in temperature. If you are doing multiple batches, make sure the oil comes back up in temperature before starting again.

For the Savory Summer Tapenade

Savory Summer Tapenade


¼ cup tomatoes
¼ cup green olives
4 oz. pancetta
A splash of red wine
¼ cup chopped prunes
Black pepper to taste


  1. In a frying pan, sauté the pancetta until almost golden brown.
  2. Add the olives and dates and cook for about 2-4 minutes.
  3. Add a splash of red wine and let cook down.
  4. Add the tomatoes and cook for another 2-3 minutes and your relish is ready.

Put it all together...

Spoon the relish onto the chicken cutlet and serve.

If desired, serve atop thin spaghetti with olive oil and freshly chopped parsley.

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